Target machine information (target_machine extends build_machine)

Provides information about the target machine -- the machine on which the compiled binary's output will run. Hence, this object should only be used while cross-compiling a compiler. See Cross-compilation.

It has the same methods as build_machine.

When all compilation is 'native', all the methods return the same values as build_machine (because the build machine is the host machine and the target machine).

Note that while cross-compiling, it simply returns the values defined in the cross-info file. If target_machine values are not defined in the cross-info file, host_machine values are returned instead.

Inherited methods


Returns a more specific CPU name, such as i686, amd64, etc.


str cpu()


Returns the CPU family name. This table contains all known CPU families. These are guaranteed to continue working.


str cpu_family()


returns 'big' on big-endian systems and 'little' on little-endian systems.


str endian()


Returns the operating system name. This table Lists all of the currently known Operating System names, these are guaranteed to continue working.


str system()

The results of the search are