Unstable IceStorm module

This module is available since version 0.45.0.

Note: this module is unstable. It is only provided as a technology preview. Its API may change in arbitrary ways between releases or it might be removed from Meson altogether.


This module provides an experimental method to create FPGA bitstreams using the IceStorm suite of tools.

The module exposes only one method called project and it is used like this:

  <verilog files>,
  constraint_file : <pcf file>,

The input to this function is the set of Verilog files and a constraint file. This produces output files called projname.asc, projname.blif and projname.bin. In addition it creates two run targets called projname-time for running timing analysis and projname-upload that uploads the generated bitstream to an FPGA device using the iceprog programming executable.

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