I18n module

This module provides internationalisation and localisation functionality.


To use this module, just do: i18n = import('i18n'). The following functions will then be available as methods on the object with the name i18n. You can, of course, replace the name i18n with anything else.


Sets up gettext localisation so that translations are built and placed into their proper locations during install. Takes one positional argument which is the name of the gettext module.

  • args: list of extra arguments to pass to xgettext when generating the pot file
  • data_dirs: (Added 0.36.0) list of directories to be set for GETTEXTDATADIRS env var (Requires gettext 0.19.8+), used for local its files
  • languages: list of languages that are to be generated. As of 0.37.0 this is optional and the LINGUAS file is read.
  • preset: (Added 0.37.0) name of a preset list of arguments, current option is 'glib', see source for for their value
  • install: (Added 0.43.0) if false, do not install the built translations.
  • install_dir: (Added 0.50.0) override default install location, default is localedir

This function also defines targets for maintainers to use: Note: These output to the source directory

  • <project_id>-pot: runs xgettext to regenerate the pot file
  • <project_id>-update-po: regenerates the .po files from current .pot file
  • <project_id>-gmo: builds the translations without installing

(since 0.60.0) Returns a list containing:

  • a list of built .mo files
  • the maintainer -pot target
  • the maintainer -update-po target


This merges translations into a text file using msgfmt. See custom_tgt for normal keywords. In addition it accepts these keywords:

  • data_dirs: (Added 0.41.0) list of directories for its files (See also i18n.gettext())
  • po_dir: directory containing translations, relative to current directory
  • type: type of file, valid options are 'xml' (default) and 'desktop'
  • args: (Added 0.51.0) list of extra arguments to pass to msgfmt

Added 0.37.0

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