Hotdoc module

This module provides helper functions for generating documentation using hotdoc.

Added 0.48.0


To use this module, just do: hotdoc = import('hotdoc'). The following functions will then be available as methods on the object with the name hotdoc. You can, of course, replace the name hotdoc with anything else.


Generates documentation using hotdoc and installs it into $prefix/share/doc/html.

Positional argument:

  • project_name: The name of the hotdoc project

Keyworded arguments:

  • sitemap (str or file) (required): The hotdoc sitemap file
  • index (str or file) (required): Location of the index file
  • dependencies(build_tgt): Targets on which the documentation generation depends on.
  • subprojects: A list of HotdocTarget that are used as subprojects for hotdoc to generate the documentation.
  • ... Any argument of hotdoc can be used replacing dashes (-) with underscores (_). For a full list of available parameters, just have a look at hotdoc help.


HotdocTarget: A custom_target() with the following extra methods:

  • config_path: Path to the generated hotdoc configuration file.


Positional arguments:

  • ...: The hotdoc extension names to look for

No keyworded arguments

Returns: true if all the extensions where found, false otherwise.


hotdoc = import('hotdoc')

  project_version: '0.1',
  sitemap: 'sitemap.txt',
  index: '',
  c_sources: ['path/to/file.c'],
  c_smart_index: true,
  languages: ['c'],
  install: true,

The results of the search are