Unstable Rust module

(new in 0.57.0)

Note Unstable modules make no backwards compatible API guarantees.

The rust module provides helper to integrate rust code into meson. The goal is to make using rust in meson more pleasant, while still remaining mesonic, this means that it attempts to make rust work more like meson, rather than meson work more like rust.


test(name: string, target: library | executable, dependencies: []Dependency)

This function creates a new rust unittest target from an existing rust based target, which may be a library or executable. It does this by copying the sources and arguments passed to the original target and adding the --test argument to the compilation, then creates a new test target which calls that executable, using the rust test protocol.

This accepts all of the keyword arguments as the test function except protocol, it will set that automatically.

Additional, test only dependencies may be passed via the dependencies argument.

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