Dlang module

This module provides tools related to the D programming language.


To use this module, just do: dlang = import('dlang'). You can, of course, replace the name dlang with anything else.

The module only exposes one function, generate_dub_file, used to automatically generate Dub configuration files.


This method only has two required arguments, the project name and the source folder. You can pass other arguments with additional keywords, they will be automatically translated to json and added to the dub.json file.


generate_dub_file("project name", "source/folder", key: "value" ...)


dlang = import('dlang')
dlang.generate_dub_file(meson.project_name().to_lower(), meson.source_root(),
                        authors: 'Meson Team',
                        description: 'Test executable',
                        copyright: 'Copyright © 2018, Meson Team',
                        license: 'MIT',
                        sourceFiles: 'test.d',
                        targetType: 'executable',
                        dependencies: my_dep

You can manually edit a Meson generated dub.json file or provide a initial one. The module will only update the values specified in generate_dub_file().

Although not required, you will need to have a description and license if you want to publish the package in the D package registry.

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