Meson CI setup

This document is aimed for Meson contributors and documents the CI setup used for testing Meson itself. The Meson project uses multiple CI platforms for covering a wide range of target systems.

GitHub actions

The configuration files for GitHub actions are located in .github/workflows. Here, all images are tested with the full run. Additionally, some other, smaller, tests are run.

Docker images

The Linux docker images are automatically built and uploaded by GitHub actions. An image rebuild is triggered when any of the image definition files are changed (in ci/ciimage) in the master branch. Additionally, the images are also updated weekly.

Each docker image has one corresponding directory in ci/ciimage with an image.json and an

Image generation

There are no manual Dockerfiles. Instead the Dockerfile is automatically generated by the script. This is done to ensure that all images have the same layout and can all be built and tested automatically.

The Dockerfile is generated from the image.json file and basically only adds a few common files and runs the script which should contain all distribution specific setup steps. The can be sourced via source /ci/ to access some shared functionality.

To generate the image run -t build <image>. A generated image can be tested with -t test <image>.

Common image setup

Each docker image has a /ci directory with an script. This script has to be sourced before running the Meson test suite.

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