Using Rust with Meson

Mixing Rust and non-Rust sources

Meson currently does not support creating a single target with Rust and non Rust sources mixed together, therefore one must compile multiple libraries and link them.

rust_lib = static_library(
    sources : '',

c_lib = static_library(
    sources : 'lib.c',
    link_with : rust_lib,

This is an implementation detail of Meson, and is subject to change in the future.

Mixing Generated and Static sources

Note This feature was added in 0.62

You can use a structured_src for this. Structured sources are a dictionary mapping a string of the directory, to a source or list of sources. When using a structured source all inputs must be listed, as Meson may copy the sources from the source tree to the build tree.

Structured inputs are generally not needed when not using generated sources.

As an implementation detail, Meson will attempt to determine if it needs to copy files at configure time and will skip copying if it can. Copying is done at build time (when necessary), to avoid reconfiguring when sources change.

            'foo' : ['', 'foo/', generated_rs],
            'foo/bar' : [...],
            'other' : [...],

Use with rust-analyzer

Since 0.64.0.

Meson will generate a rust-project.json file in the root of the build directory if there are any rust targets in the project. Most IDEs will need to be configured to use the file as it's not in the source root (Meson does not write files into the source directory). See the upstream docs for more information on how to configure that.

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