New features

Meson 1.0.0 was released on 23 December 2022

Compiler check functions prefix kwargs accepts arrays

The prefix kwarg that most compiler check functions support now accepts an array in addition to a string. The elements of the array will be concatenated separated by a newline.

This makes it more readable to write checks that need multiple headers to be included:

cc.check_header('GL/wglew.h', prefix : ['#include <windows.h>', '#include <GL/glew.h>'])

instead of

cc.check_header('GL/wglew.h', prefix : '#include <windows.h>\n#include <GL/glew.h>'])

Flags removed from cpp/objcpp warning level 1

-Wnon-virtual-dtor is no longer implied by meson setup -Dwarning_level=1.

Developer environment improvements

When cross compiling, the developer environment now sets all environment variables for the HOST machine. It now also sets QEMU_LD_PREFIX to the sys_root value from cross file if property is defined. That means that cross compiled executables can often be run transparently on the build machine, for example when cross compiling for aarch64 linux from x86_64 linux.

A new argument --workdir has been added, by default it is set to build directory. For example, meson devenv -C builddir --workdir . can be used to remain in the current dir (often source dir) instead.

--dump now prints shell commands like FOO="/prepend/path:$FOO:/append/path", using the literal $FOO instead of current value of FOO from environment. This makes easier to evaluate those expressions in a different environment.

Deprecate java.generate_native_headers, rename to java.native_headers

The functions operate in the exact same way. The new name matches more with Meson function name styling.

rust.bindgen accepts a dependency argument

The bindgen method of the rust module now accepts a dependencies argument. Any include paths in these dependencies will be passed to the underlying call to clang, and the call to bindgen will correctly depend on any generated sources.

String arguments to the rust.bindgen include_directories argument

Most other cases of include_directories accept strings as well as IncludeDirectory objects, so lets do that here too for consistency.

The Rust module is stable

Mesa is using the rust module in production, so it's time to mark it as stable.

in operator for strings

in and not in operators now works on strings, in addition to arrays and dictionaries.

fs = import('fs')
if 'something' in'somefile')
  # True

warning-level=everything option

The new everything value for the built-in warning_level enables roughly all applicable compiler warnings. For clang and MSVC, this simply enables -Weverything or /Wall, respectively. For GCC, meson enables warnings approximately equivalent to -Weverything from clang.

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