New features

Added warning function

This function prints its argument to the console prefixed by "WARNING:" in yellow color. A simple example:

warning('foo is deprecated, please use bar instead')

Adds support for additional Qt5-Module keyword moc_extra_arguments

When moc-ing sources, the moc tool does not know about any preprocessor macros. The generated code might not match the input files when the linking with the moc input sources happens.

This amendment allows to specify a a list of additional arguments passed to the moc tool. They are called moc_extra_arguments.

Prefix-dependent defaults for sysconfdir, localstatedir and sharedstatedir

These options now default in a way consistent with FHS and common usage.

If prefix is /usr, default sysconfdir to /etc, localstatedir to /var and sharedstatedir to /var/lib.

If prefix is /usr/local (the default), default localstatedir to /var/local and sharedstatedir to /var/local/lib.

An array type for user options

Previously to have an option that took more than one value a string value would have to be created and split, but validating this was difficult. A new array type has been added to the meson_options.txt for this case. It works like a 'combo', but allows more than one option to be passed. The values can optionally be validated against a list of valid values. When used on the command line (with -D), values are passed as a comma separated list.

option('array_opt', type : 'array', choices : ['one', 'two', 'three'], value : ['one'])

These can be overwritten on the command line,

meson _build -Darray_opt=two,three

LLVM dependency supports both dynamic and static linking

The LLVM dependency has been improved to consistently use dynamic linking. Previously recent version (>= 3.9) would link dynamically while older versions would link statically.

Now LLVM also accepts the static keyword to enable statically linking to LLVM modules instead of dynamically linking.

Added if_found to subdir

Added a new keyword argument to the subdir command. It is given a list of dependency objects and the function will only recurse in the subdirectory if they are all found. Typical usage goes like this.

d1 = dependency('foo') # This is found
d2 = dependency('bar') # This is not found

subdir('somedir', if_found : [d1, d2])

In this case the subdirectory would not be entered since d2 could not be found.

get_unquoted() method for the configuration data object

New convenience method that allows reusing a variable value defined quoted. Useful in C for config.h strings for example.

Added disabler object

A disabler object is a new kind of object that has very specific semantics. If it is used as part of any other operation such as an argument to a function call, logical operations etc, it will cause the operation to not be evaluated. Instead the return value of said operation will also be the disabler object.

For example if you have an setup like this:

dep = dependency('foo')
lib = shared_library('mylib', 'mylib.c',
  dependencies : dep)
exe = executable('mytest', 'mytest.c',
  link_with : lib)
test('mytest', exe)

If you replace the dependency with a disabler object like this:

dep = disabler()
lib = shared_library('mylib', 'mylib.c',
  dependencies : dep)
exe = executable('mytest', 'mytest.c',
  link_with : lib)
test('mytest', exe)

Then the shared library, executable and unit test are not created. This is a handy mechanism to cut down on the number of if statements.

Config-Tool based dependencies gained a method to get arbitrary options

A number of dependencies (CUPS, LLVM, pcap, WxWidgets, GnuStep) use a config tool instead of pkg-config. As of this version they now have a get_configtool_variable method, which is analogous to the get_pkgconfig_variable for pkg config.

dep_llvm = dependency('LLVM')
llvm_inc_dir = dep_llvm.get_configtool_variable('includedir')

Embedded Python in Windows MSI packages

Meson now ships an internal version of Python in the MSI installer packages. This means that it can run Python scripts that are part of your build transparently. That is, if you do the following:

myprog = find_program('')

Then Meson will run the script with its internal Python version if necessary.

Libwmf dependency now supports libwmf-config

Earlier, dependency('libwmf') could only detect the library with pkg-config files. Now, if pkg-config files are not found, Meson will look for libwmf-config and if it's found, will use that to find the library.

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