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Ref manual reformat

The current format is not very readable. We should have something more like what glib or Python do.

Here's a first proposal.

project(<project name>,
        <languages to use, comma separated>,
        version         : <project version>,
        subproject_dir  : <alternative directory to store subprojects>,
        meson_version   : <required version of Meson>,
        license         : <string or array of licenses>,
        default_options : <default values for project options>,

Longer descriptions of arguments go here.

Take two:


<project name>
<languages to use, comma separated>
version         : <project version>
subproject_dir  : <alternative directory to store subprojects>
meson_version   : <required version of Meson>
license         : <string or array of licenses>
default_options : <default values for project options>

The results of the search are