Build system converters

Moving from one build system into another includes a fair bit of work. To make things easier, Meson provides scripts to convert other build systems into Meson. At the time of writing, scripts for CMake and autotools exist. It can be found in the tools subdirectory in Meson's source tree.

The scripts do not try to do a perfect conversion. This would be extremely difficult because the data models of other build systems are very different. The goal of the converter script is to convert as much of the low level drudgery as possible. Using the scripts is straightforward. We'll use the CMake one as an example but the Autotools one works exactly the same way. path/to/CMake/project/root

This command generates a skeleton Meson project definition that tries to mirror CMake's setup as close as possible. Once this is done, you need to go through these files manually and finalize the conversion. To make this task as simple as possible, the converter script will transfer all comments from the CMake definition into Meson definition.

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