Project settings#

This page lists the configuration settings supported by meson-python in the pyproject.toml file. Please refer to the Passing arguments to Meson guide for for information on how to use them and examples.

A boolean indicating whether the extension modules contained in the Python package target the Python limited API. Extension modules can be compiled for the Python limited API specifying the limited_api argument to the extension_module() function in the Meson Python module. When this setting is set to true, the value abi3 is used for the Python wheel filename ABI tag.

This setting is automatically reverted to false when the -Dpython.allow_limited_api=false option is passed to meson setup.


A string specifying the meson executable or script to use. If it is a path to an existing file with a name ending in .py, it will be invoked as a Python script using the same Python interpreter that is used to run meson-python itself. It can be overridden by the MESON environment variable.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson dist command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson setup command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the ninja command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson install command.