Use build config settings#

Build config settings are settings you can pass to meson-python when building your project. They can be use to customize the build in some aspect.

Several Python build front-ends exist, with different ways to pass configuration settings to the build back-end. The most popular are pypa/build, which uses the -C command line option, and pip, which uses the --config-settings option. For example:

$ python -m build \
    -Csetup-args="-Doption=true" \
    -Csetup-args="-Dvalue=1" \
$ python -m pip wheel . \
    --config-settings=setup-args="-Doption=disable" \

This examples use the python -m pip wheel command to build a Python wheel that can be later installed or distributed. To build a package and immediately install it, just replace wheel with install.

See the Passing arguments to Meson guide for more examples. Refer to the pypa/build documentation or to the pip documentation for more information.

Passing multiple settings

Please note that, while pypa/build concatenates arguments for the same key passed to the -C option, pip up to version 23.0.1 does not offer any way to set a build config setting to a list of strings: later values for the same key passed to --config-settings override earlier ones.

This effectively limits the number of options that can be passed to each command invoked in the build process to one. This limitation is tracked in pip issue #11681. This limitation should be removed in the next version of pip.