Build config settings#

This page lists the build configuration settings, that is, the settings you can pass when building the project. Please refer to the Use build config settings and Passing arguments to Meson guides for information on how to use them.


By default meson-python uses a temporary build directory. This settings allows to select the Meson build directory and prevents it to be deleted when meson-python terminates. If the directory does not exists, it will be created. If the directory exists and contains a valid Meson build directory setup, the project will be reconfigured using meson setup --reconfigure.

The same build directory can be used by subsequent invocations of meson-python. This avoids having to rebuild the whole project when testing changes during development.

For backward compatibility reasons, the alternative builddir spelling is also accepted.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson dist command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson setup command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the ninja command.


Extra arguments to be passed to the meson install command.


Enable verbose mode when building for an editable install.