Reference tables

Compiler ids

These are return values of the get_id method in a compiler object.

Value Compiler family
gcc The GNU Compiler Collection
clang The Clang compiler
msvc Microsoft Visual Studio
intel Intel compiler
llvm LLVM-based compiler (Swift, D)
mono Xamarin C# compiler
dmd D lang reference compiler
rustc Rust compiler
valac Vala compiler
pathscale The Pathscale Fortran compiler
pgi The Portland Fortran compiler
sun Sun Fortran compiler
g95 The G95 Fortran compiler
open64 The Open64 Fortran Compiler
nagfor The NAG Fortran compiler

Script environment variables

Value Comment
MESON_SOURCE_ROOT Absolute path to the source dir
MESON_BUILD_ROOT Absolute path to the build dir
MESONINTROSPECT Command to run to run the introspection command, may be of the form python /path/to/meson introspect, user is responsible for splitting the path if necessary.
MESON_SUBDIR Current subdirectory, only set for run_command

CPU families

These are returned by the cpu_family method of build_machine, host_machine and target_machine. For cross compilation they are set in the cross file.

Value Comment
x86 32 bit x86 processor
x86_64 64 bit x86 processor
arm 32 bit ARM processor

Any cpu family not listed in the above list is not guaranteed to remain stable in future releases.

Operating system names

These are provided by the .system() method call.

Value Comment
darwin Either OSX or iOS
windows Any version of Windows
cygwin The Cygwin environment for Windows
freebsd FreeBSD and its derivatives
dragonfly DragonFly BSD

Any string not listed above is not guaranteed to remain stable in future releases.

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