Preliminary, 0.41.0 has not been released yet.

New features

Add features here as code is merged to master.

Dependency Handler for LLVM

Native support for linking against LLVM using the dependency function.

vcs_tag keyword fallback is is now optional

The fallback keyword in vcs_tag is now optional. If not given, its value defaults to the return value of meson.project_version().

Better quoting of special characters in ninja command invocations

The ninja backend now quotes special characters that may be interpreted by ninja itself, providing better interoperability with custom commands. This support may not be perfect; please report any issues found with special characters to the issue tracker.

Pkgconfig support for custom variables

The Pkgconfig module object can add arbitrary variables to the generated .pc file with the new variables keyword:

pkg.generate(libraries : libs,
             subdirs : h,
             version : '1.0',
             name : 'libsimple',
             filebase : 'simple',
             description : 'A simple demo library.',
             variables : ['datadir=${prefix}/data'])

A target for creating tarballs

Creating distribution tarballs is simple:

ninja dist

This will create a .tar.xz archive of the source code including submodules without any revision control information. This command also verifies that the resulting archive can be built, tested and installed. This is roughly equivalent to the distcheck target in other build systems. Currently this only works for projects using Git and only with the Ninja backend.

Support for passing arguments to Rust compiler

Targets for building rust now take a rust_args keyword.

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