This is the user manual for Meson. It currently tracks the state of Git head. If you are using an older version, some of the information here might not work for you.


Overview of the Meson build system

Building a project with Meson

Built-in options to configure project properties

How to use meson in Visual Studio

Simple project step by step explanation

Syntax and structure of Meson files

Definition of build targets

Instructions on handling include directories

Installing targets

Adding compiler arguments

Build-time configuration options

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Dependencies for external libraries and frameworks

Enabling thread support

Running external commands

Using precompiled headers to reduce compilation time

Unity builds are a technique for reducing build times

Auto-detection of features like ccache and code coverage

Generation of source files before compilation

Meson's own unit-test system

Setting up cross-compilation

Localization with GNU Gettext

Build options to configure project properties

Using meson projects as subprojects within other meson projects

Disabling options

Meson modules for common build operations

Compiling Java programs

Compiling Vala and Genie programs


Compiling D sources

Meson's API to integrate Meson support into an IDE

Build targets for custom languages or corner-cases

Converting other build systems to Meson

Configuring a pre-generated build directory

Targets to run external commands

Creating releases

Tools to create OS X packages

Creating universal Linux binaries

Project templates

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