Continuous Integration

Here you will find snippets to use Meson with various CI such as Travis and AppVeyor.

Please file an issue if these instructions don't work for you.

Travis for OS X and Linux (with Docker)

Travis for Linux provides ancient versions of Ubuntu which will likely cause problems building your projects regardless of which build system you're using. We recommend using Docker to get a more-recent version of Ubuntu and installing Ninja, Python3, and Meson inside it.

This yml file is derived from the configuration used by Meson for running its own tests.

sudo: false

  - linux
  - osx

  - cpp

  - docker

  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then brew update; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then brew install ninja python3; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then pip3 install meson; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then docker pull YOUR/REPO:yakkety; fi

  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then echo FROM YOUR/REPO:yakkety > Dockerfile; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then echo ADD . /root >> Dockerfile; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then docker build -t withgit .; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then docker run withgit /bin/sh -c "cd /root && TRAVIS=true CC=$CC CXX=$CXX meson builddir && ninja -C builddir test"; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then SDKROOT=$(xcodebuild -version -sdk macosx Path) meson builddir && ninja -C builddir test; fi

AppVeyor for Windows

For CI on Windows, AppVeyor is probably your best bet. Here's a sample yml file for use with that.

os: Visual Studio 2015

    - arch: x86
      compiler: msvc2010
    - arch: x86
      compiler: msvc2015
    - arch: x64
      compiler: msvc2015

  - x64

  # Use the x86 python only when building for x86 for the cpython tests.
  # For all other archs (including, say, arm), use the x64 python.
  - ps: (new-object net.webclient).DownloadFile('', 'C:\projects\meson\ninja.exe')
  - cmd: if %arch%==x86 (set MESON_PYTHON_PATH=C:\python34) else (set MESON_PYTHON_PATH=C:\python34-x64)
  - cmd: echo Using Python at %MESON_PYTHON_PATH%
  - cmd: "%MESON_PYTHON_PATH%\\pip install meson"
  - cmd: if %compiler%==msvc2010 ( call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" %arch% )
  - cmd: if %compiler%==msvc2015 ( call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" %arch% )

  - cmd: echo Building on %arch% with %compiler%
  - cmd: PATH=%cd%;%MESON_PYTHON_PATH%;%PATH%; && python --backend=ninja builddir
  - cmd: PATH=%cd%;%MESON_PYTHON_PATH%;%PATH%; && ninja -C builddir

  - cmd: PATH=%cd%;%MESON_PYTHON_PATH%;%PATH%; && ninja -C builddir test

Travis without Docker

You can cheat your way around docker by using python as language and setting your compiler in the build matrix. This example just uses linux and c but can be easily adapted to c++ and osx.

sudo: false

os: linux
dist: trusty

language: python

python: 3.6

    - env: CC=gcc
    - env: CC=clang

  - export NINJA_LATEST=$(curl -s | grep browser_download_url | cut -d '"' -f 4 | grep
  - wget "$NINJA_LATEST"
  - unzip -q -d build
  - export PATH="$PWD/build:$PATH"
  - pip install meson

  - meson builddir
  - ninja -C builddir
  - ninja -C builddir test

This setup uses the beta group. It is not recommended but included here for completeness:

sudo: false
language: cpp
group: beta

    - os: linux
      dist: trusty
    - os: osx

  - export PATH="`pwd`/build:${PATH}"
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then brew update && brew install python3 ninja; fi
  - if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then wget && unzip -q -d build; fi
  - pip3 install meson

  - meson builddir
  - ninja -C builddir
  - ninja -C builddir test

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